Tailgating at the Arena!

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Tailgate Party

Tailgating isn’t just for football anymore!

Tailgating is the practice of coming to an event in your car and serving party libations out of your spot.  Whatever you do, make sure your car is smogged well, because you don’t want to pollute the atmosphere in the parking lot with your gross polluter.

The History

The tradition of tailgating is rooted in the history of American Sport.  In the early 20th century the Yale football games were becoming very popular and fans would travel great distances to take in the games at the stadium. Urban legends state that parking was in short supply at Yale stadium and so fans from the visiting teams would come early to the stadium and bring food and drinks to consume while they waited. Of course alcoholic libations were included in the “drink” and as a result a party atmosphere began to develop in the area outside the stadium. Soon Yale fans also got into the party act.

Anyways, in short order the sports information director for Yale, Charley Loftus, soon began promoting the outside the stadium parties as a way to boost attendance and promote the good times to be had. The first time “Tailgating” was used in print it was attributed to him, so he may have been the originator of the word.

The Experience

Regardless of when it started its become clear that tailgating isn’t just for football anymore. It can be seen at concerts, basketball games, baseball games, racetracks, golfing events, and any other event where a festive atmosphere is to be anticipated.

What kind of events are historically ideal for tailgating?  Hockey Games, Jimmy Buffet events and more all have had wonderful tailgating events at the Arena.

What kind of events take place AT the tailgating party?  Well these are just some of the types of events that have occurred over the years (not just at Wachovia)

  • Meet the Cheerleader Parties!
  • Celebrity Tailgate Parties (like those in Boston)
  • Floating tailgaters on boats (like those in Knoxville TN)
  • The Grove!
  • “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail party” at the Jacksonville/Georgia game
  • Tailgating Games (like cornole, beer pong and even video games!)
  • Tumbler Towers
  • Getting Dressed up as your favorite Mascot!

Typical Tailgate Party Rules:

While we don’t speak for all arenas, the following are some of the typical rules that protect the safety of all participants:

  • No glass containers or bottles
  • No kegs
  • No pools
  • No charcoal grills
  • No dumping of sand
  • No vehicles with trailers
  • No weapons

How to Prepare:


  • Make sure you have a vehicle that can carry all your equipment and also fits all the rules for the venue you are going to. As mentioned before, make sure you car is properly smogged (our favorite resource)
  • Make sure you have a parking spot or get there early enough to grab one at the venue. Nothing could be more disappointing then getting all geared up and not being able to participate.
  • Make sure you prepare for safety. Don’t bring hazardous materials or equipment that isn’t properly safe.
  • Accommodations. If you are traveling a long way to the venue make sure you have a place to stay if you don’t want to drive home afterwards. Some of these towns are filled up for the event, so make sure you book early.


Thanks for reading our piece on tailgating. The Wachovia arena has had some great tailgate parties in the past.  Here is hoping you have a great experience at your next tailgate party!